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Dear Dan,

It is nice to hear from you and I hope you enjoy your cinematography course like on the first day you mentioned it. In school nothing special happens except that the course for practicing English for the CAE or FCE examn has started.

To your topic, I found an article in the magazine "Spiegel online" called "Brilliant kombiniert, Mr. Holmes!" (brilliantly deductet, Mr. Holmes!") from 24 July 2011 by Hannah Pilarezyk. In general she describes why it's an amazing series.

At first the author gives an example for a funny dialogue between Holmes ans Watson after a short introduction. She uses the example to argue that the miniseries is very special in the mass of TV crime stories. Then she describes that the series takes place in the present time and under a secend title (sexy, but no interest in women) she points out how perfect the two actors and their roles fit together. For example she wrote that Watson completes Holmes by standing his bad moods and compromising the miss understanding. Furthermore you can read that Benedit Cumberbatches bass voice and broken face is sexy and on the other hand Matin Freemans thick woolpullovers are giving the series a long-established feeling. Moreover the author makes clear that the miniseries is thrilling and the characters have enough depth. She compares it with a German crime series ("Tatort") that is well-known which often tries to be very social criticising and is neither suspenseful or has good characters and I can agree with her. At last she hopes the next episodes will come to Germany more earlier than the last one which came one year later than in Great Britain.

I hope my information is helpful and if we don't hear from each other, I wish you a wonderful Christmas time.

Best regards,



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