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Chapter 2 - Summary

Katy from dystopian science fiction novel “Never Let Me Go” from 2005 by Kazuo Ishiguro continues her narrative about her Childhood in Hailsham in Chapter two.

In this city, they get medication every week and while waiting Tommy apologizes to Katy. The next days Katy informs her about the incidents that happen to Tommy and the pranks that happen almost daily. As Katy points out that the pranks to Tommy are unfair Katy agrees but brings up that he didn’t had something for the Spring Exchange. The narrator interrupts her story and explains that there are four Exchanges in a year and that everyone prepares stuff like paintings, drawings or poetry for it to sell their things to the other students of your year. Afterwards, she tells from conservation between Ruth and her which they had in Ruth’s recovery room after her first donation in which they talked about memories from the Exchanges. Then the narrator continues her story about Tommy. She says that everything has started in an art class with Miss Geraldine. Furthermore she describes that Tommy painted a childish elephant as a joke and that would be no problem if the guardian wouldn’t have tried to find something good in the picture and wouldn’t have pointed it out. Katy continues that the tantrums has made it more worse but as tommy started to ignore the pranks they lost interest. During waiting in the lunch queue Katy congratulates Tommy to his success of stopping the bullying. Because the answer how he could stop it doesn’t convince Katy walks away but in the end when Tommy says to her that he would tell it to her after lunch she gets curious.

To put it in a nutshell Katy explains the Exchanges and talks about how the bullying of Tommy started and how it ended.


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