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Mediation about the development of “Never Let Me Go”

The synopsis “The creation of ‘Never Let Me Go’” (“Die Entstehung von ‘Never Let Me Go’”) from 4 March 2019 based on an article by theguardian.com concentrates on the process, development and idea gathering for Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopian novel.

In the beginning, he starts with text fragments about a group of students in an unusual environment of old barn cottages that all share one fate without naming it while writing totally different books.

Then one year later, as he listens to a radio show about the biological technological achievements, although he isn't really interested in, the ideas slowly compose to a story.

Because the author doesn’t want to write a futuristic novel, which could be understood as an interpretation of the future, he lets his story take place in the 70s to 80s in the beautiful remote landscapes and som connected cities from England.

In addition, he says he didn’t go to boarding school but orientates his story on narrations because the first part takes place there. Furthermore, he describes that thinking like a teenager isn’t so difficult for him. He uses the boarding school as a metaphor for the separation from children to the world of adults because they leave out information to them.

Moreover, a big factor is the use of clones as central characters. They let him ask the oldest questions about the human existence, the soul and dedication of the human species in a modern way.

At last, as he finishes his book, not without throwing whole parts away, he gets the feeling, that novel is his happiest he ever wrote.


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