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Life at Hailsham


The Students from Hailsham are already seniors from 13 up to 16 when they leave. In their dorm they all have their own collection chest. Tommy a friend from Kathy and a students is easily to upset to that he gets many tantrums.


The guardians teach and aren’t allowed to a favour student. Miss Geraldine is a soft spoken, gentle guardian who’s everyone’s favourite and teaches art class. Miss Emily, the head guardian, is older than all the others and respected for her fair decisions. She teaches sex education. Miss Lucy, is appreciate for her brisk style by the Seniors.


The students get almost medication every week. In lectures about smoking the guardians repeat how dangerous it is and how important it is to stay healthy. Generally the student pretend to have more sex than they really have and like in every school rumours exit and are being spread.

Housing and grounds

It’s protected with a fence in a smooth hollow with fields around and a long road to the gate. The living space of the guardians are in the orangery. There’s a path around all buildings and a rose at the top of the hill behind the Hailsham House. In every junior dorm 15 students have to sleep.


13 Never Let Me Go Zusammen­fassung Character­ization of Kathy H.


13 Never Let Me Go Zusammen­fassung Mediation about the development of “Never Let Me Go”
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