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Character­ization of Kathy H.

The main protagonist and first-person narrator from “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro published in 2006 is Kathy H. This characterization focusses on her character traits in part two where she lives in the Cottages.

In time where they stay at the Cottages Kathy is 16 up to 18 until she applies for her training as a carer. Her best friends are Tommy and Ruth, also from Hailsham. She sleeps with Hughie, Lenny and some other at one-nighters. Sometimes Kathy has the urge to have sex immediately. She chose Victorian novels for her essay but didn’t take the essays to serious. In Addition Kathy states her opinion, that she might be a clone from a prostitute.

At first Kathy show her skill of observing and seeing details. For example, she notices that the veterans adapted gestures from allowed television shows and Ruth does this too or she gets aware that there is a kind of taboo of talking about veterans who left. Another detail she sees is that Chrissie is beautiful when she stands straight, which Chrissie doesn’t notice. Also, she is an intelligent character which uses her free-time to educate herself with books like “Daniel Deronda”. Moreover, she’s good at taking care of others. A good example is that she gets aware of Tommy’s feelings when Ruth leaves him behind and he doesn’t know how to behave which makes him uncomfortable ore when she doesn’t trust Chrissie and Rodney at first, she tries to be protective but as she knows them better she changes her mind which proves her intelligence. She argues with Ruth and is vulnerable but also tries to understand Ruth’s point of view which makes her empathically. Another proof would be that she plays down Tommy’s theory about the Gallery because he hasn’t anything in it. In Contrast to Ruth, Kathy keeps her collection chest. She’s loyal to her close friends. You notice this character trait when she knows that Ruth is lying but keeps the secret or when she confronts her to help Tommy out of his uncomfortable situation.

All in all, you see Kathy is a rather complex character with many positive character traits.

Add trustful, curious and at least three quotations.


13 Grammatik Zusammen­fassung Linking words (Connectors)


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