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Differences to the book

  • In the shed Kathy looks through the porn magazine very quickly and knows that Tommy is watching her.
  • Steve is not mentioned
  • While driving to Norfolk there is no argument between Kathy and Ruth
  • In Norfolk at the café Ruth doesn’t lie
  • The office with the eventual possible is no open office rather a trip booking shop
  • The group don’t follow her but notice immediately that she isn’t Ruth’s possible
  • Then they don’t visit the carer Martin nor search for a new Cassette for Kathy because she didn’t lost it
  • Ruth thinks she understands why Ruth looks through the porn magazines
  • Later on Kathy doesn’t meet Laura in her van
  • Therefore she sees Ruth’s picture on a computer screen in a centre
  • The fence is different: there’s a door
  • The boat isn’t in the marsh and Tommy walks to it
  • Tommy draws not until he is in Kingsfield
  • When Tommy and Kathy visit Madame’s house, she works in the garden
  • No car is coming to the house to pick up Miss Emily
  • Tommy is angry by Emily and Madame at home
  • Tommy screams on the road not in the mud
  • Tommy understands in the centre why she is looking through steve’s magazines
  • Kathy stays Tommy’s donor until he dies


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