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Shakes­peare's time

The Chain of Being

  • Concept from the Middle Age
  • Gods idea of a strict hierarchy
    • God
    • Angles
    • Humans
      • Monarchs
      • Nobles, Churchmen
      • Gentlemen
      • Commoners
    • Animals
    • Plants
    • Stones
  • men are superior to women
  • accepting your stage is rewarded by God


  • believe in God
  • Concept of heaven and hell
  • England was a Protestant country
  • Reformation movement
  • fights for religion
  • no public office jobs for Catholics
  • Puritans
    • Church didn't gone far enough
    • eliminate bishops, ceremonial robes
    • sins: seeing plays, drinking, gambling, fine clothes

Myths and Magic


Little and Large


English Renaissance



13 Dreams and Realities Auf­gabe Two Kinds - Com­parison


13 Grammatik Zusammen­fassung Character­ization
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