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Common stylistic devices

stylistic device


author’s intention

accumulation The use of multiple similar words Underline a topic/idea
alliteration Multiple following words with the same sounding beginning character Focus on an aspect
anaphora repetition of the same word at the start of some sentences emphasize a topic/idea/statement
climax Expressions with an intensification/rise Focus on an aspects with a funny/ironic effect
comparison To compare Underlining something similar
Contrast Difference like hot and cold Focuses on differences
ellipsis Leave out words but meaning remains Emphasizes left out words
enumeration List of words to one topic Prove statement e.g. examples
hyperbole An obvious overstatement in a picture Convince / underline an opinion
irony Meaning the opposite Entertain/humour/critic
metaphor An indirect comparison (by using an picture) Comparing to things and showing their similarities
parallelism Repeating similar structures Entertain the reader
personification Giving human property to an object or animal like a smiling sun Demonstrating an idea or action
repetition Repeating a word family or structure Emphasize a statement
rhetorical question A question you don’t have to answer or the answer is given Underline a statement
sarcasm Mean irony Being mean + irony
simile Comparison with “like” or “as” Underline something similar
Symbol An object/place/action/person is something special like a pidgin for peace Give it more importance/weight


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