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A Scandal in Belgravia - Summary

The modern adaptation of Sherlock, inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories is the crime drama series Sherlock from the world's oldest national TV broadcaster BBC. The first episode of the second series aired on 1 January 2012, written by co-creator Steven Moffat and directed by Paul McGuigan, is called "A Scandal in Belgravia" in style of "A Scandal in Bohemia".

It starts with a flashback called 'recently' in a swimming pool in which Sherlock Holmes saves Dr John Watson from a bomb vest and Jim Moriarty, their biggest antagonist, threatens them with red laser beams, potential guns. After a call from Irene Adler, he states that it is the wrong day to die and the intro starts.

Next, in their apartment where they live together with Mrs Hudson, the landlady, Sherlock denies cases of missing persons because they would be too boring. Also, Watson writes a blog about their cases. In the next shot, John shows Sherlock a crime scene on a field where a victim lies but no clue for the murder weapon with a laptop because he doesn't leave the house for cases under seven. They get interrupted and broad to the Buckingham palace by officers where they meet Mycroft, Sherlock's brother, and get an order to get compromising photos from Irene Adler also called the Women or Dominatrix which show her and a young lady from the royal family while he is still naked only in a blanket.

When they meet Irene Adler she is naked so Sherlock can't observe anything in contrast to John. As she makes clear he doesn't get the phone with the photos, she wants to know how the man on the field got killed. He insists she should think and solve it by herself. Then the fire alarm goes on. For the reason that it is the most important item to her, she looks immediately to the hidden save. At that moment, armed Americans from an agency interrupt and want to kill John if Sherlock doesn't open the vault. Irene hints with eye contact that the code is her measurements and that it's trapped. Shylock stoops as he opens the save and they fight the Americans. Irene injects him poison and flees with the phone.

Some days later after he wakes up he receives a message from her and his ring tone got changed to moaning.

It's Christmas. Molly has a special packed present and Sherlock deduces that it's for someone she loves. His name is written on it. An embarrassing silent comes up and he apologizes. On a shelf, Sherlock sees a little present wrapped in the same red as Irene's lipstick is. Immediately he takes it and hides in his room. As expected, it's the locked phone from Irene. Since it's her lifesaver something has to happen to her and he identifies a body with a demolished head as Irene. Therefore he smokes and the others are worried about him. Mycroft insists that Watson has to care for him, so his girlfriend breaks up. The watcher gets to know that's one of many girlfriends leaves him due to the bond to Sherlock. Sherlock plays sad tones with his violin.

It's still winter and Watson gets driven to an old factory in believing he's meeting Mycroft. Instead, The Woman waits for him. Watson is angry because his friend is hurt by her. She reveals that she flirted at him but he never responded if he would eat with her. She sends him a text that she isn't dead and says to Watson that she is gay. Then Sherlock's ring tone, the moaning is hearable and Sherlock walks away.

Back at their apartment, he frees Mr Hudson, who got hold as a hostage by one of the American from the beginning. He wants the phone. Afterwards, Sherlock reports that a burglar is injured because he falls off the window. Then he hits him many times and throws him out of the window in consequence that he hit Mrs Hudson.

Later on, Irene appears in their home and Sherlock gives her a phone clone to get her code. She notices it and types "1058", which is obviously wrong. She lets him solve a code for a flight the next day and texts the result "747 tomorrow 18:30 Heathrow" to Moriarty.

A bit later, when Sherlock and Irene are alone, she asks him out for dinner and comes very close. Thereby he measures her pulse, unnoticeable to her.

In the next scene, he gets ordered to the airport to the jumbo jet. At the stairs, he meets the American he threw out the window. In the airplane are many dead corpses, all sitting in their seat. Sherlock realises the plan from the government, to let the plane explode with the bomb from the terrorists and let them think they did a lot of damage, but no one gets hurt. Mycroft, who comes out of the dark, is downcast because Sherlock informed Irene Adler unnoticed that they know from the bomb. The two years of planning is collapsed.

Back at their apartment, Irene blackmails Mycroft and gives him a list with many demands he has to fulfil for the code for the phone. On it is maybe information to save citizens and if they open it it will explode or if they torture her to get the code they can't be sure it's not the one which deletes all information. By the way, she sends love from Moriarty.

Then Sherlock stands up and got the solution. The Dominatrix is sentimental and is in love with him and he types the code SHER so it says "I am SHER-locked" while a tear is running down her face.

Some time has passed and Mycroft informs Watson that he should say Sherlock that Irene got in a Witness protection program but actually she is murdered by terrorists. He hints that his agency isn't innocent. Next, Watson tells that story him and he takes the phone although Watson has to give it the police.

The watcher sees Irene texting him the last message "goodbye" before one terrorist takes a swing with a sword and black screen. Sherlock's ring tone is hearable and he, disguised as a terrorist, tells her to run.

Finally, to sum it up, the Woman, a big rival and assistant for Moriarty, that gets beaten by Sherlock because she fell in love with him but he saves her and I'm sure he appreciates her for her cleverness.


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