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Characterisation of John Watson when they first met

In “A study in pink” from the series “Sherlock” you can see how Holmes and Watson meet for the first time.

John Watson is round about 35-years old and when we see him for the first time, he wears a brown jacket and underneath it a white shirt that is squared in light blue and red. His trousers in jeans blue. He has short brown hair and has some creases in his face. Furthermore, his skin is pale white. Nothing is special about him. He has no tattoo, no piercing or something else like these things.

I think he is polite, because he borrows Holmes his mobile phone. Another character property from him is being modest. He says “Come on, who wants me for a flatshare, man”, but maybe he’s a nice man. And at last, I would say he is a little bit sad because in the four minutes from the video you can’t see him smiling.

All in all he is a good character because none of his character traits is evil.


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