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Some differences - The Giver

  • Age differences
  • Jonas escaped with an electric powered bike/his father's bicycle
  • Fiona: caretaker of the old/nurturer
  • Asher: Assistant Director of Recreation/drone pilot
  • Asher finds Jonas/planes fly over Jonas but never found him
  • Jonas does not ride a sled at the border of memory
  • The Giver was much more involved in the plan making process
  • Fiona did not help Jonas steal Gabriel from the nurturing center
  • Fiona did not stop taking her injections
  • Pills/injections to stop their emotions
  • More technology in the film like the 3d transmissions
  • Memory of a bee sting/sunburn
  • Jonas shares memories with more than Gabriel
  • Jonas loves Fiona and she him (Romance with Fiona)
  • The Chief Elder has a bigger role in the film


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