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important aspects to understand America

The Declaration of Independence

The knowledge box "The Declaration of Independence" by Karina Bocklage, Katherina Wicher and their editorial staff was published on page five of "AbiBox Englisch Dreams and Realities" from 2018 deals with the second sentence of the declaration and derives conclusions.

The first part tells us, that some British colonist created the "Declaration of Independence" in 1776. Then the article quotes the second-most popular sentence about the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, you can read the explanation of the American Dream. It says that everything is possible, that you affect your life, that you are nor hindered for example by government and that these things will result in the great USA.

One the one hand, the article observes the "Declaration of Independence" of historical aspects and on the other hand, it conducts the resulting of the "American Dream".

The American Dream

The knowledge box "The American Dream" by Karina Bocklage, Katherina Wicher and their editorial staff was published on page six in "AbiBox Englisch Dreams and Realities" which was released in 2018. The article is a collection of definitions of the term "American Dream".

The first section from Online Etymology Dictionary, at first, gives two definitions of the noun and is followed by an explanation The dream is, according to the author, misunderstood by the European as a dream of richness whereas correct meaning is the social order that everyone is equal.

In the last (second) section the American Dream in Culture is the theme. There, hope and happiness are symbolised by having a house. Today, it's associated with the hope, the own children will have better economical and social conditions than yourself.

To put it in a nutshell, the article defines the American Dream and the American Dream in Culture. 

The Pilgrims

The knowledge box "The Pilgrims" by Karina Bocklage, Katherina Wicher and their editorial staff was published on page four in "AbiBox Englisch Dreams and Realities" from 2018 and is about how the first "Americans" settle in North America.

At first, the Pilgrims, a group of separatist English Puritans, flees to the more tolerant Netherlands, due to the political and religious situation in England. Later, in 1620, they move to North America, the so-called "New World". Then a governing document is signed which today is considered as America's foundation of democracy. First, the Pilgrims get support from Native Americans to survive until they fight against them for more land. Furthermore, the number of Native Americans is reduced by diseases which get imported by the Europeans.

To cut a long story short, the Europeans have stolen the Native Americans their land although they helped them to survive.

The Mexica-United States border

The knowledge box "The Mexica-United States border" was published in "AbiBox Englisch Dreams and Realities" on page four in 2018 by Karina Bocklage, Katherina Wicher and their editorial staff. It is as the title described the Mexica-United States border and immigration today.

The short text begins with the fact that the 3,145-kilometre-long border is most frequently crossed border world wide. Moreover, you can read that 350 million people cross it legal and many illegally in hope of a better life in the USA. President Donald Trump wants the money-sucking border even longer.

All in all, the article sums important facts about the border to Mexico up.


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