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L.A. Crash

The Film "L.A. Crash" by Paul Haggis directed, written and got held by Bobby Moresco and was published in 2004 takes place in Los Angeles like the title suggests and is about plots with different nationalities that influence each other and racist prejudices.

At first, a car crash and detective Graham Walter finds a body near the accident site. Then a flashback back to Yesterday visualised through a text banner.

The Persian shop owner and his daughter are buying a handgun and bullets in a red box.

Two young black men (Anthony and Peter) rob a black car from a white couple after complaining to be the victim of racism. In their apartment, the robbed woman is angry and says racial insults about Latinos to her husband while Daniel (Latino) is changing the lock.

Next, Ryan, an LAPD officer, stops a black van with his partner Tom Hansen which looks a bit like the robbed car but isn't. Ryan gets Cameron and Christine out of the car and while he is over-polite the drunk Christine taunts the police. Ryan slowly checks Christine by touching her, which makes her clearly uncomfortable. Later, an argument breaks out because Christine is angry that he didn't stand up for her but he argues that he didn't want to make the situation even worse.

Hansen wants to change his partner but the lieutenant says he could only if he will say that he has a flatulence problem and needs to ride alone.

After replacing the door lock, Daniel says to Farhad that the door needs to be replaced but due to Farhad's minimal Englisch knowledge, he thinks that Daniel is cheating on him. To stop the argument he leaves without getting paid. Later, the insurance company tells the family that the vandalism isn't covered for the reason that the door wasn't fixed.

Graham visits his mom and promises her to find his young brother who ran away. Then he and his partner Ria get informed that in the car of a black dead cop which got shot by a white undercover cop were hidden 300,000 Dollar. The campaign manager from the husband of the robbed couple wants to blame the white cop because he is known for shooting black men but Graham denies due to the mysterious 300,000 Dollar in the car. As the campaign manager hints that the criminal charges of his missing brother could be dropped, he agrees.

At a car crash, Ryan runs to the upside-down car in which someone is trapped. It is Christine who doesn't want Ryan's help as she recognises him. He makes clear not to hurt her an only to help while the car catches fire. In the last moment, before it explodes, he pulls her out and she's happy.

Cameron gets threatened by Anthony and Peter and this time he fights back. When Peter sees the police coming, he runs away and Cameron and Anthony get into his car. After a short chase, while Anthony is hidden, Cameron gets out. Hansen, one of the policemen convinces the others to let him go as he recognises Cameron from before. Later he drops Anthony out and says that he's an embarrassment.

The shop owner Farhad thinks that Daniel is responsible for the unpaid vandalism and confronts him with the earlier bought gun. Daniel's daughter runs to her father and jumps into his arms. At that moment, Farhad fires. Nobody is hurt because Farhad's daughter bought the free bullets in the red box. Farhad is shocked that he would have killed them.

At the evening, after his shift, Hansen picks Peter up. He mocks the officer and laughs at him. While he tries to take something out of his jacket the scared Hansen shoots him because he thought he would take out a gun. Then out in the fields, he pushes him out of the car.

Now we see the scene from the beginning. Graham Waters finds his dead brother offsite the road.

Anthony tries to sell a white stolen van. He finds illegal immigrants in it and instead of selling them, each for 500, he lets them free.

To cut a long story short, the film shows many interfering storylines about racism and how they changed.


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