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The pursuit of Happyness - a summary

The film "The Pursuit of Happyness" directed by Gabriele Muccino and published in 2006 from Columbia Pictures which is based on true happenings and takes place in San Francisco in 1981 is about Chris Gardner and his family which struggles with their income.

Gardener buys many bone density scanner which he later realises are only a little bit better but twice as expensive and has problems to sell them. He has to sell at least two scanners a month. Due to this problem Linda, his wife, works in double shifts for four months now. Furthermore, he wants to get a Stock Broker which his wife thinks is so realistic like being an astronaut. Chris continues to believe in his dream and applies for an internship and gives his scanner a street artist to keep an eye on it. Through a window, he sees her while she is running to the underground station. After a short chase, he loses her. Later on, he sees her by accident and gets his stolen machine back. While Chris brings his five-year-old son Christopher to the kinder garden they come along a wall where “happiness” is spelt with a ‘y’ which is also misspelt in the title. Every morning Chris visits Jay Twistle. When he asks about his application Mr Twistle agrees to share a Taxi with him. Because he is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube he gets an indentation to a meeting, but due to that, he hasn’t enough money to pay the taxi driver he loses his scanner while he is fleeing. As he comes at home his wife moved out with his son because she can’t handle the poorness anymore. On the other day, he argues about the custody and furthermore picks up Christopher at the kinder garden. Then he agrees to paint the flat to keep it one more week and to pay the last three rent fees. A short while later he is sent to prison because of many unpaid false parking tickets. He has to ask his wife to take care of his son this night. At the next morning, Chris runs to his internship interview in his painting clothes and because he is very honest and has visited Mr Twistle every morning he gets a chance. The first 47 minutes and with the announcement that Linda will go to New York and wants to take her son with her but Chris says that she knows she wouldn’t take care of him.

All in all the first third of the movie shows a poor man which marriage goes into pieces, which job doesn’t earn enough money but gets the opportunity of an internship as a stockbroker and who wants to enable his son a happy fulfilling life.

Part 2

The film "The Pursuit of Happyness" directed by Gabriele Muccino and published in 2006 from Columbia Pictures which is based on true happenings and takes place in San Francisco in 1981 deals with the struggle of Chris Gardner’s and his family’s income and their consequences such as his dream to be a Stock Broker.

At first in the 47th minute, Linder tells Chris that she will move to New York and wants to take Christopher with her. After Chris accuses her that she knows she isn’t able to take care of him she takes her luggage says in a sad way, that she knows Chris will take care of Christopher to Chris and walks away. In the following scene, they move to another apartment and because it is Saturday he plays with his son basketball. Then he gives Christopher an important lesson as he says that he should never allow someone to forbid him his dreams even not from his own father. After a short while, the main actor starts his internship and you can see him in class with round about 20 other members. During a break and chatting with a boss he sees a homeless with his lost density scanner. While he follows him he gets into an accident and loses his shoe. In the next scenes, you see him in his everyday life calling customers from a list. One Day after the off voices explains his time savings he calls the CEO Walter Ribbon and gets a meeting. Because he misses the appointment he walks to the pompous house of Walter and apologises. As a result of this, he and his son get invited to watch a football game in a luxury area but he tells him also that he wouldn’t direct his fond to Chris’ company. After four months he eventually has to pay taxes and now has only 20 dollars on his bank account. Furthermore, on a playground, Chris sees the homeless again and catches the density scanner. At the end of the 77th minute, they are kicked out of their flat.

All things considered after a good phase like the sells he could do and the football game both of them are confronted with a down phase.


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