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Chapter 3 - Summary

The third chapter of dystopian science fiction novel “Never Let Me Go” from 2005 by Kazuo Ishiguro is about Tommy’s talk with Miss Lucy, the gallery and also about Madame which is scared of students.

At first, Kathy meets Tommy after lunch at a lake and after some chatting, he describes the conservation he had with Miss Lucy. In the beginning, he should tell her the whole story of what had happened to him but she interrupted him and said that he lack of creativity isn’t his fault and no one should punish him for that. Furthermore, Tommy continues that it helped him with his tantrums because whehe was shortly before one he could see her walking about and that helped to calm down. Also Tommy thinks that Miss Lucy has the opinion that the studentaren’t told enough about what will happen to them. Then Katy tells him that she thinks there is a connection between what Tommy said for example Madame. women called Madame comes up to four times a year to collect art which goes to the Gallery, at least that are telling the guardians to the students. The student don’t know when she is coming but they can guess because the guardians are searching through all art pieces and bring the best ones to billiards roomKaty goes on and tells the reader the story where Ruth, said that she thinks Madame is scared of the students and how they proved it. After that Katy says they were a little bit shocked that she comes to them if she doesn’t like them.


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