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Chapter 7 - Summary

Kathy discusses the last years at Hailsham in Chapter seven of the dystopian science fiction novel “Never Let Me Go” from 2005 by Kazuo Ishiguro.

By the age of 15 at some time, when they are in the sports pavilion, Miss Lucy hears conservation between two boys Peter J. and Gordon talking about becoming an actor. Furthermore, she interrupts them, because she states the opinion the students aren’t being told and not told. In conclusion and that she can’t be quiet anymore she tells them about their set outlive as donors of vital organs. Kathy agrees with her that they are told and not. As an example, she instances the sex talk by Miss Emily in which they are told they should avoid diseases, can’t have babies, that sex affects emotions and out of Hailsham sex has a much bigger significance. In this move, they should be told about their later life. Later on, in Kathy’s narration, she elucidates how Tommy gets fouled by Christopher. For all students, health is extremely important and as Tommy gets a gash on his elbow Christopher convinces him with the help of other students agreeing that it can unzip. In the end, the unzipping evolves to a running joke that no one connects with Tommy anymore.

To put it in a nutshell Miss Lucy confirms Kathy’s feeling about not being told enough and Tommy gets fouled.


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