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Chapter 9 - Summary

The dystopian science fiction novel “Never Let Me Go” from 2005 is written by Kazuo Ishiguro and takes place in the late 1990s in London. The Story is written from the point of view of Kathy H from Hailsham the main character.

The last chapter of part one begins with Cynthia calling Kathy Ruth’s ‘natural successor’ which holds her back from having sex with Harry C. Then Ruth request Kathy to talk with Tommy to help her to together with him again. After she asks her if she means it serious she talks to Tommy. After some days as Kathy catches him and starts to talk to him, he interrupts her and tells her about his talk with Miss Lucy who said, that she had made a mistake by telling him not to worry about not being creative and that it’s not too late and he should make up the lost time. Therefore he says he has to think carefully about every step and can’t rush into it with Ruth. Later on Miss Lucy lefts Hailsham and at that evening Tommy and Ruth get back together that evening

An ending is needed.


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