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Chapter 5 - Summary

The dystopian science fiction Novel “Never Let Me Go” from 2005 is written by Kazuo Ishiguro and takes place in the late 1990s in London. The Story is written from the point of view of Katy H from Hailsham the main character.

As Kathy joins the group, the other already knew the ‘secret guard’ game. In Hailsman horror stories about the outside like the woods or behind the fence exist. Ruth hints that she can play chess by commentating other chess player’s decisions until Katy finds out that Ruth lied by buying a chess board and asking her how to play. Katy is disappointed. Moreover Ruth keeps the secret guard play going through say things in a special voice so that everyone knows she means something related to Miss Geradline. That nerves Kathy, so she pretended that she found Ruth’s name on the Sales register at which every purchase is logged, and confronts her, that she didn’t get her special pencil case as a gift for protecting. Ruth get sad and Kathy immediately show compassion and asks herself, if not everybody wants a little bit attention from his or her favourite guardian.


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